bens garden

Ben loves gardening! Here he is in front of a garden he did for his mom! (without her prior knowledge ūüôā

(working on an edit -this was in 2014!)

What IS “Down Syndrome Is Cool”?

Well, it’s actually a work in progress. . . and always will be, but specifically it’s a place for those with Down Syndrome to:

  • Find resources for anything related to your special needs for building your life as a young adult.¬†more>>
  • Read stories about other young adults with DS that are also entrepreneurs and/or have other stories to share (share yours, too!) ¬†more>>
  • Meet others with Down Syndrome¬†to encourage and share stories with each other. ¬†(we are still working on this….hopefully to soon have our own place to gather right here soon! (sort of like our own personal mini Facebook for DS) ¬†¬†
  • Facebook! Meanwhile, until we have our forum working, we just started a Facebook page for adults with DS. Check it out: Facebook for adults with Down Syndrome
  • Learn how to find ways to work at home, become an entrepreneur, or¬†how you can earn money with¬†a simple online blog. Working online can be the perfect business for anyone, especially those with disabilities, are home-bound or have other challanges in the work-place.¬†more>>
  • Shop at my own Ben’s Deals¬†website to save money on cool stuff while helping to support It’s still a work in progress, but you can see one example of how working online works. I hope I can help you do the same! (more on that coming soon!) Visit Ben’s Deals here>>


How We Started

Long ago and far away…..

… after I graduated HS, we were looking for stories, information and resources for teens and young adults with Down Syndrome as my family and I explored my purpose in life.

It seemed there was plenty of info for new parents with babies or children with DS, and as wonderful as that really is, there was little to be found for those over 18 with the challenges I faced.

It’s difficult enough for any teen to make decisions as they ‘launch’ into adulthood, but let’s face it, Down Syndrome brings to the table a whole different set of things to consider.

The internet was always helpful to find a few activities in larger towns nearby, but living in the country these options usually required more driving than we could manage

Living over an hour away from a big city made it more difficult to meet others and attend regular events. (Gas is expensive! We need a Prius!) We did try a few things** and met some great friends, but were still unsure how to create a life plan.

So now, several years later, once again we thought we’d turn to the internet for information and resources hoping for some new additions for youth with Down Syndrome and still found very little – actually none we could really use.

Since then, we have gathered what we can to publish here at Down Syndrome is Cool. As a result, we discovered that working online can provide an income for anyone that would like to work at home. Learning more each day, we’ll be writing more soon about Ben’s life and journey since he started his online quest!

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