8 with DS making history

8 People With DS That Are Making History

Think disabilities limit what you can do? Think again! Read about these 8 people with Down Syndrome are doing to make history . . . and their place in the world.

poppin joess

Entrepreneurs With DS-Poppin Joe’s

Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn was officially launched in April 2005 with Joe Steffy as the sole propietor and was established to provide Joe, a young adult with DS-ASD, the opportunity to operate and manage his own business. By doing so, Joe has developed an excellent work ethic and realizes the value of good, hard work.

Entrepreneurs With Down Syndrome-Tim’s Place

Tim Harris of Tim’s Place is an inspirational example of someone that has not allowed the word “disability” to interfere with his dreams. Owning a restaraunt was Tim’s dream and now it’s a reality-he even has “Tim Hugs” on the menu! Watch his story, it will make your day!