entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome

Collette Divitto has loved to bake for as long as she remembers. However, when she tried to get a job at several bakeries in Boston, MA, she was turned away. She didn’t let it discourage her from doing what she loved to do most.

So, what did she do? With encouragement from family and friends, Collette started her own cookie business, Collettey’s Cookies. It started slow, selling about 100 cookies per week. But when a story was aired on TV about her business, she had orders for over 50,000 cookies within 10 days-yikes!

The news story about her business went viral and she not only has more orders than she ever dreamed, but also receives letters from tens of thousands of people from all over the world admiring her ambition and determination.

Eventually, she would like to open bakeries all over the US employing others like herself. (see her Go Fund Me page…).

You can read more and order some cookies on her website http://www.Colletteys.com/

Watch the video that made her famous and find out her secret ingredient:


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