science project ideas

Want to do some fun stuff and learn something, too? Check out this website that has some really cool ideas for kids (and their parents if you need help) to do.

It’s the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago doing this, but don’t let the title scare you. It’s in Chicago, and we’ve been there several times and you will LOVE it! It’s full of hands on activities and cool displays showing how things like electricity and (OLD) landline phones work, and more. It changes all the time, so who knows what is there currently.

There is a list of free days (only if you live in IL) you can find here:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any free days in July or Aug. but I’m going to search today to see if we can find any deals for you… 🙂

Until, you can visit their website and so some of the fun stuff there!

I’d love it if you sent pictures of stuff you do, I’ll (we) put them online here! Any ideas you have that you would like to share? Just comment below, I LOVE comments!

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