Life Skills Game

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Now non-readers can learn life skills simply by playing a game. “Life Skills For Non-Readers” isn’t the most original name for any game, but it says what it is at least!

There are 5 different games available:

  • Basic Behaviors
  • Behavior
  • Community
  • Money & Time
  • Social Skills

While the full price for EACH GAME is $80, I’m still looking around for a better price. Check oall!n Ebay once in awhile and you may run into a used one.

You could┬ásave $60 and try the book on Amazon, 101 Life Skills Games for Children 6-12. (There’s also a 101 MORE Life, too) It’s only $10.17, and doesn’t look like it’s too different, just all the pieces are already made for you in the $80 version. That’s pretty expensive for a regular game, but it may not be be a game designed for the entire family, either. I know** a game is expensive to produce for the the average Joe, but the price also puts it out of most of our families’ reach, unless you are buying it for a group. . . which they are probably banking on.

Check out the details on this game to learn Life Skills for non-readers:

**Many years ago we tried creating a game for selling to the family market and couldn’t believe how much it cost for it all!

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