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I’ve started a new business with a little help from Mom & Dad making (healthier) candles. You see, everytime we would burn candles, my mom and I would get a headache and I would even get wheezy sometimes. So we found out that most candles are made with really BAD stuff like paraffin which is like burning gasoline. Then there is lead in most wicks and something called phlthates (try saying that!) in the candle fragrance that is really bad for you to breathe, too.

So, we have done a TON of experiments to make a great smelling candle that isn’t harmful for the environment or for people to be around. We use 100% natural eco-soy wax that is even GMO free. We use fragrances infused with essential oils that do NOT have harmful chemicals like phlthates

ben's biz

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and all cotton, lead-free wicks. We don’t add any coloring to the candle to make it even more clean burning.

Soy burns longer and you’ll see that it all burns all the way to the bottom, which gives you more scent time for your money! Soy washes easily with hot soapy water, so you can reuse the nice glasses we use or…you can order a refill kit and make your own candle!

There will be more details coming soon, and if you are interested in starting your own natural candle business, let us know! We’ve done the hard part of working out the kinks and would love to help you try it out yourself.

See you soon! Let me know whatsome of our candles! you think in the comments!

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