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Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur! And Here’s Proof!

One of the visions for this blog is to encourage, spotlight, and share whatever might help YOU become an entrepreneur! Using your talents to make the world a better place is hard to do when you are working at McDonald’s. There is nothing wrong with working at McD, but hopefully it is a means to an end. In other words, saving your money from working any job so you can start your own biz is what most of us have had to do.

Here’s our list of entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome. Follow the links, watch the videos, and find more on the ones that appeal you the most. Learn from them, both good and bad, and file it in your brain under “Future Entrepreneur”. I’m sure some of them would even return an email or call if you get bold enough to do so.

They did it, so can you.

Tim’s Place
Here’s a cheerful gentleman who gives hugs to everyone that visits his very successful restaurant!

Poppin Joe’s
This young man along with his dad goes to fairs making carmel corn that is DElicious!

Ashley Deramus, Fashion Designer:
Ashley recently launched her new clothing line for women with Down syndrome. Inspired by her own needs, she decided to create a product that fits the unique shape of women like her.

John Anton
No Limits for John Anton! John Anton is a political advocate with DS that is making a difference in Washington. (Politicians can be considered entrepreneurs, don’t you think?) Watch the video!

Zach Wincent, Idea Guy
Zach and his mom started a business called My “X-Press Yourself” They sell custom printed wristbands for fundraising.
Check out his website; OToutcomes.com


Breck Slaughter Entrepreneur

Breck Slaughter riding his advertising around town

Breck Slaughter
What a great idea! When Breck couldn’t find any other job, he found that riding his bike around town with advertising on the back paid quite well!

The first mayor with Down Syndrome! < (just click!)

María Reyes Mermeladas
Started and runs a marmalade company owner in Bogota, Colombia

Peter, The Entrepreneur
As an artist, read how Peter earned his reputation as “Peter, The Entrepreneur”

Read “An Urgent Message To Young People” (start a business!)

(YOUR name) –Entrepreneur 

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