Benjamin has watched Donut Man since he was little. . . actually, his siblings were watching it (this is a L O N G time ago–mid to late 90’s?) and he absolutely LOVED it the first time he watched Donut Man talk to Duncan (the donut, of course!). Rob Evans plays “Donut Man” and has been given an incredible gift to share Jesus in a very real, personal way that is “denomination-free”(for the most part…I’m sure someone can find a problem with it if they wanted to … but why would you?).

Rob Evans describes what he does like this:
“I try to present God as someone we can know personally, experientially; as someone who has reached out to us faithfully from one generation to the next. Many of my songs are written from that perspective, using ‘Call and Response’, hand-motions, sound-effects; any creative techniques to make the songs memorable.”

Bridging The Denominational Gap
Rob Evans tries hard to be very sensitive to the traditions and settings of the churches or audiences he performs for. Rob himself says it best:

“My wife and I are both ‘children of divorce’. I think it has given us much empathy for the feelings of children. As we suffered with, and prayed for our families, so we also prayed for healing and reconciliation in the Church of Jesus Christ. I don’t know if unity will ever occur in our lifetime, but meanwhile, I will continue to sing in Protestant and Catholic settings, doing my best to tell stories and sing about those things that are common to all Christians. My concert ministry simply tells the story of Jesus in song. I have references from all types of churches, so let me know what makes you feel comfortable, and I will deliver a concert that amplifies your tradition. It’s that simple.

In Protestant circles, I try to be sensitive to the tradition and/or style that is in place. I always talk with leadership in advance to determine what their curriculum goals are, and welcome opportunities to craft the presentation in a way that reinforces the lessons the children have been learning.”


Benjamin has been begging me to put a Donut Man video on this site since we started, but thick headed mom here didn’t see how it fit into the ‘theme’ we had decided on for his VIDEO website. When he found the words to explain how strongly he felt about sharing Donut Man with others, he let me know that Donut Man shares Jesus like no one else . . and can reach those that no one else can. Sorry, Ben.

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