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If you are having a hard time finding a church with a program for “Special” kids like us, contacting Stone Soup might offer a solution.

Stone Soup has a program for churches to help them set up a program to reach out to those with special needs, and they can also help you locate a church currently running a Stone Soup program in your area.

Learn more at their website;

Never read the story about Stone Soup?

Well, there is not just one story titled Stone Soup by a particular author, but the story is based upon an old folk tale in which hungry travelers trick a towns people to give them food by starting a pot of soup with only stones in it. It illustrates a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity (poor people that have nothing).  A story written by many authors in many different ways, it always shows how working together can provide something from nothing. A classic tale.

Find the actual story about Stone Soup to read at your local library or buy one at Amazon here:

This Stone Soup [With Hardcover Book] includes an audio CD:

Here’s a Stone Soup for younger children:

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