Born in 1986, Tim Harris is living his dream. He operates Tim’s Place, a full service  restaurant in New Mexico. There are even “Tim Hugs” are on the menu!

The famous quote from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it” has been the driving force behind the life of Tim Harris. Now Tim inspires others.

In another video on YouTube featuring Tim’s Place, I think it’s his mom that says, “As far as we know, , we have not yet found another person with Down Syndrome in this country that owns their own restaurant-we hope that other people will, though.

Tim ends the video with a quote that is not arrogant, but very true (just ask anyone who knows someone with DS!):

“[DS is not a disability..but] We are a gift to the world” -Tim Harris, owner of ‘Tim’s Place’

Be inspired to go out and TAKE ACTION towards your dreams today!

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