entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome

Watch a videoReading is great, but videos are always fun, aren’t they? All relevant to Down Syndrome, of course! We like to find funny videos, videos that tell a story of accomplishments by those with DS, or  videos that just help us share our lives with each other.

We would eventually like to start a list of favorite movies and shows with reviews by YOU. What do you think? Videos of all kinds are one of Ben’s favorite things! (Movies especially)


Have a video or idea to share?

For now, you can leave your comments & ideas below any of the posts where you see “Leave a Reply”. We would LOVE to hear from you!

A Great Video To Share With Those Unfamiliar With DS:

“Just Like You” is a phenomenal video explaining Down Syndrome in the most tasteful way I’ve seen yet. Please let us know (just comment in ‘Leave a Reply’) if you have other videos worthy of sharing with new friends.  We would like to add them to our list!


More videos to watch:

Sweet Mama Dog with a child with DS

Watch Touching Moment When Student with Down Syndrome Receives Acceptance To College

Good Advice From An Entrepreneur With DS:

Sharing God’s Love With Video

Entrepreneurs With DS-Tim’s Place

More From Tim’s Place: The Happy Dance!

Video: Down Syndrome Equals Ability In This Basketball Team Video

Video: Teen With Down Syndrome Scores First Career TD




Have a video to share?

We would love to post your video!

Just email us and attach your video or a link to it on YouTube or where ever you have uploaded.

Be sure to include:

-a brief story behind the video

-details and names of those in it


** anything  you would like kept private.



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