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2014-06-03 14.54.34Well, it’s a work in progress, really.

It’s a website for teens and young adults with Down Syndrome as they make their mark on the world! Written by a 22 yr old man (that’s me, Ben, on the piles of jeans at Sam’s..) with DS (with a little help from his family) that found there wasn’t much out there on this subject!

We want it to be all about what YOU – a teen or young adult with Down Syndrome looking to make their mark on this world- wants!

If you are looking for inspiration from friends like you from all over the world to find out what your A-BILITIES are- if you are looking for unique ideas for ways to make an income that expresses who YOU are, then that is what we hope to accomplish!


-LOTS of videos to watch about other amazing people with DS that have not let their disabilities get in the way of their ABILITIES!

-A Forum and a Facebook page to help us all connect in many ways. New friendships are always super nice, but we are at a place in our lives we want to DO something with our lives….but what? As we share, encourage, and help each other out, we can magnify abilities in each other we personally might miss.

-A Forum for whatever you want to talk about (G-rated, of course!) A way to connect with others with DS all over the world!

-A Facebook page for random events, news, etc, Like us and we’ll like ya back!

-Videos, videos and more videos to inspire you to be all you can be! Watch what others with DS have accomplished!

-Some resources that you might find helpful

-Free tutorials, help and ideas on ways to make money-both online and off. Let’s share!

-and more! What would you

      like to see here? (

you can leave comments, ideas, etc below)


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